X-Band Dish Characterized

During the Spring term 2017, Andreas, Thomas, and Beatriz designed and manufactured the WR90 feed horn for a 57cm diameter parabolic dish. This was their project task in the course Antenna Design and Realization (389.104). Their feed-and-dish X-Band prototype was also used by them for the propagation measurements in the sister course Centimer- and Millimeter Waves (389.190).

Yesterday, Andreas and Thomas characterized the X-Band prototype antenna in the shielded anechoic chamber of the Institute of Telecommunications. To prepare the measurements, a mechanical adapter was fabricated before hand. Prof. Arthaber explained the principles of antenna characterization in the near-field and guided them through the measurement process.

Preliminary analysis of the measurement indicates a directivity of 34 dB and sidelobe rejection better than 40 dB. Congrats! 73 es GDX for upcoming real-world contacts



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