CQ CQ on 3 cm!

On May 24, 2017, two student groups at TU Wien set up two transceivers for X-band operation (10368-10370 MHz). See fotos below. The first task in the practical part of the course „Centimeter- and Millimeter Waves“ (LVA 389.190) is to integrate all components (YAESU FT-817ND, Kuhne 10 GHz Transverter, 57cm parabolic dish, WR90 feed horn, coaxial relays) into a working prototype. The first real-life test is the reception of the OE1XGA beacon located on Kahlenberg north of Vienna city. Second test was a bidirectional voice link in SSB modulation. Mission accomplished. Next tasks will be measurements on the antennas, link budget, diffraction effects of a plate, and oscillator stability,  … and comparing those with the predictions from theory.

With 100W and a Wire @ AOEC 2017

The Radio-Amateur-Club of TU Wien, OE1XTU, participated in the All Austrian Contest 40m/80m on May 1st, 2017, with the team: OM Gerald OE1GAQ, OM Dieter OE8KDK, OM Stefan OE1ABU, OM Stefan OE1SCB, SWL Horia, and OM Chris OE1VMC. This year, we used only Inverted-V dipoles and 100 W of transmit power. Our 160m/80m/40m fan dipole covers North-South, whereas the newly erected 40m monoband dipole covers East-West directions. Propagation conditions were very difficult on 40m during the contest. The map above shows that we could only reach a few stations in Eastern Austria on 40m from our QTH „Wien City“ AND VORARLBERG (!), but none in between. Almost all contacts were made on 80m alone.

See also the article „Old Men senden öfter 73 aus Whiskey Charlie“ in Der Standard – FORSCHUNG SPEZIAL on May 3, 2017 (in German language).