Preparing for All Austrian Contest 80/40m


Every year, on May 1st, the Austrian Amateur Radio Society (Österreichischer Versuchssenderverband) organizes the All Austrian Contest 80/40m which also serves as an exercise for emergency and disaster relief radio services. Alas, our work horse, the SteppIR DB36 Yagi-Uda antenna for 40m-6m is currently under repair and the Inverted-V antennas for 80m and 40m cover mainly a North-South direction. Not exactly, what we would call an ideal outfit for the contest.

On April 25, we therefore hastily erected a second 40m monoband inverted-V antenna with look direction East-West on the roof of the Institute of Telecommunications.

The OE1XTU contest team for AOEC 2017 consists of Dieter OE1KDK, Stefan OE1SCB, Stefan OE1ABU, Gerald OE1GAQ, and Chris OE1VMC. Wishing all radio friends great many contacts and a lot of fun in the heat of the contest.


X-Band activity in 2017 with dish

imageThe 10 GHz rover station OE1XTU will be upgraded with an offset feed dish, 57cm diameter in May. See the mockup of the new setup on the photo above: just the feed horn and the coax relais for Tx/Rx frontend switching are still missing … the feed horn will be designed and manufactured by a group of students in the elective course „Antenna Design and Realization“ (LVA 389.104). The rover station itself is used in the elective course „Centimeter- and Millimeter Waves“ (LVA 389.190).