X-Band activity on Sep 18, 2016

On Sunday morning, Sep. 18, 2016, the Radio-Amateur Club of TU Wien participated in the ÖVSV microwave activity contest and the first three contacts were made in the X-Band: with OE3WHU/p, OE4WOG/p, and OM3KII. We used just 250 mW of transmit power which were fed directly into a WR90 horn antenna with 16 dBi gain. Doing the math, this amounts to 10 dBW equivalent isotropic radiative power (EIRP). The experimental setup is shown below: two separate horns are used: one for RX and the other for TX. This way, we don’t need any RX/TX coax relay. The setup was erected on the satellite antenna platform at 5m above the institute’s roof. Antenna height roughly 37m above ground level.




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