X-Band activity on Sep 18, 2016

On Sunday morning, Sep. 18, 2016, the Radio-Amateur Club of TU Wien participated in the ÖVSV microwave activity contest and the first three contacts were made in the X-Band: with OE3WHU/p, OE4WOG/p, and OM3KII. We used just 250 mW of transmit power which were fed directly into a WR90 horn antenna with 16 dBi gain. Doing the math, this amounts to 10 dBW equivalent isotropic radiative power (EIRP). The experimental setup is shown below: two separate horns are used: one for RX and the other for TX. This way, we don’t need any RX/TX coax relay. The setup was erected on the satellite antenna platform at 5m above the institute’s roof. Antenna height roughly 37m above ground level.




Prototype Setup for 3cm Band

OK, let’s give it a try on the 3cm band. The OE1XTU prototype setup consists of a YAESU FT-817ND QRP transceiver that is used to excite a Kuhne Electronic MKU 10 G3 432 Prof. 3 cm transverter (from 432 MHz to 10.368 GHz). Two separate horns are used for transmission and reception. No Tx/Rx coax relais in the feeds and we rely on the 16dBi gain of the horns alone: no dish for now. OE1XTU (Locator: JN88ee) goes on air on Sep. 18, 2016 for the OVSV microwave activity contest. 73 de Chris