Rotation of SteppIR DB36-Yagi controlled via StationMaster

During July and August 2016, Matvey and Arpad, OE1SZW, redesigned the motor control which rotates the BigLift mast carrying the  SteppIR DB36-Yagi. Analog feedback of the beam steering is provided to the StationMaster by a 10-turn 10kΩ potentiometer. Only one-and-a-half rotations in azimuth are tolerated in each orientation to spare the cables. The fotos below shows Matvey puzzling with the StationMaster’s interfacing and the two-relais circuitry reversing the single-phase AC motor.


Passive Elements for 6m Band mounted

Finally, today, the second passive element for the 6m band is mounted on the boom of the SteppIR DB36 Yagi antenna. This first passive element was mounted in October 2015. This modification promises 12.8 dBi gain and 27 dB Front-to-Back ratio. TNX to Matvey and Sam.

Well in-time for the Perseids meteor shower which will be at its maximum on August 12 this year.

This event promises some spectacular meteor scatter QSOs in the 6m band. Proceed with fingers crossed…