How about replacing the 80m Inverted-V by a Morgain Dipole for 160m/80m?

We may be tempted to add the 160m band to the existing dual Inverted-V for 40m and 80m. One way to accomplish this is to replace the present 80m Inverted-V Dipole by a Morgain Dipole antenna for 160m and 80m.


Main mast serviced


Stronger winds may excite torsional oscillations of the BigLift mast. Recent oscillations were so strong that both M4 screws sheared off. When the screws are torn, the mast may rotat freely in the wind which saves the mast from damage, but prevents controlled rotation of the antenna.

Today, both screws were replaced (M4 x 20, steel countersunk screw) and the SteppIR DB-36 is lifted to its operational height again.

IMG_5787 IMG_5868