SteppIR DB36 – mounting passive element #1 for 6m band

We have started to modify the SteppIR DB36 Yagi by adding two additional passive elements of fixed lengths for the 6m band.

The left photo below shows the PTFE plates which isolate the passive elements from the boom. The photo on the right shows the aluminum tubes cut to the specified lengths and the small mounting braces.

PTFE mounting plates
PTFE plates isolate the elements from the boom
Aluminum tubes (diameter 14mm) cut to length

On Thursday, October 15, 2015 we mounted the passive element #1 (element length: 284,5cm, distance to driven element: 69cm) on the boom. Many thanks to Gerald and Thomas (OE3PTC).

Thomas and Chris at work
DB36 with passive element #1 for 6m band
SteppIR DB36 with passive element #1 for 6m.